Sous Rature




flying monsters

With a glow of neon in his eyes the Monster Truck driver flashed, “It’s the RUSH... that’s what drives you to do it.”  Moments before he sailed a 10,000 pound, twelve foot high, twelve foot tall truck over twenty feet in the air. The rumble of his engine stirred my body. Immersed in sensory overload—thick clouds of smoke, overwhelming noise, visions of extreme physical force. Inhale 1… 2…  arousing a wonder of flight, 3…  crumpling cars like potato chips. Exhale 2… 1.







bring it on

In slow motion a woman on the bleachers meticulously applied lipstick. I could only see her lips in the tiny mirror. Cherry red. “Check….it…OUT!” a teenage boy hollered from the chain-link fence as the demolition derby cars paraded into the arena. Tires kicked up dust to join the plumes of engine exhaust. Chaotic, unnatural energy. These engines, carefully crafted from old parts in the heat of summer, would be re-sculpted in seconds by impact. Gloss. Let’s get ready to rummmmm--ble!


Tomie Hahn