Sous Rature




                                             Emma Phillipps                                                           


                       In Which                        Constructs


Idealistically set up, troublesome hands. 

is involved – inwardness

and what does it mean to contemplate, what is – contemplated, before forgetting the motifs although you remember precisely what they are and what it means to contemplate them.


Dust is sworn and to the sky, semi-precious/rarefactionally – lit

(used frequently) to contain the old city which is contemplated/is contemplating.

You were at that time, not remembers back – body is mistaken.




Depicted: Madonna with City
Begin the treatise, curvature delineates the path.

Fictional exit: if I do stay, I trample and people seep into the mouths of rivers when they urinate on city walls.


Once (we) upon a space and without routine interventions.


   Tallow,                        muslin,            sugar                                                       
           unwritten,                  erased,            unrecorded.



Testament is becomes third person location (furry).
Chain to cry is established, to bring about broken sleep. 





                                                    Though stated to be awake, pushing toward an
                                                    with painterly qualities and not artistry is unnoted. 

                                                    Sharing a bed and collected paths.




            Repeated memory linked to and I was conceived a languageless, Contracted: I photograph it, producing around and outsider.

            Repeated memory as in other timed moments measured for the length of a nature/exit.  Recognised as artificial, but brought back to the body.

            Photograph and footage include – visualized repairs.  Setting descriptors operating, other minds like my own.  Event – accordion metaphor.  Him = bear, but I have the coarse arm seeing as to speak of/to speak out of.   




Mantra begins with the ‘I’ + feeling of suspicion

                        I am gathering clues, their desire is happening.
                        I am gathering clues, my desire becomes similar.
                        I am gathering clues, your desire is mine:

                                                                                                but you have to,                   





Hairs were planted at various times.  She knelt in the backseat, reflected she stared at her scruffy chest under the yawning night.  She still did not know what to do with her draught, who was heading where he already was.  And she remembered me, then.  I meant too much to her now.