Sous Rature



          from Obedience
          (Chris Vitiello)



          You are not becoming ideal

          The sounds that you make are the sounds of your not becoming ideal

          “Disorder” is a word against itself

          Create an emergency by anticipating or preparing for a different emergency

          This is a contingency

          This is this

          Chart this drift

          Decommission a word

          Teach someone how to unknown something they know

          While the book is closed it means nothing but is something

          A film can be said to be made of scenes and cuts, and of stock and emulsion, and of stills

          This set of statements, questions, and commands can be carried around and used

          Insert the sound of aiming here

          The words “disorder” and “order” should have their meanings switched






          Your reading this line produces a fulfillment of one of its purposes

          The word “disorder” is undermined by its prefix

          Each line is a reticulation on a measurement instrument

          You have finished reading this

          Regardless of its shutter speed, a motion picture film camera burns a photoduration, and
          therefore multiple images, upon each frame of its film

          In this, there is no such thing as a single image or a still

          A mirror’s purpose is reflection

          This line contains this line

          Make a silence

          When one says “mirror,” one means the front of the mirror

          Reproduce this line in the space below





          This is inanimate

          No one is talking to you

          Having the word “image,” though problematic, makes discourse easier

          You could be anyone

          All words are necessary

          An image is an idea

          Tolerances have been released in this

          This line is its length

          Say something useless





          Do whatever you need with this

          All maps are provisional

          Raise your hand if you are using this

          Digital photographs have a resolution but film photographs do not

          All things disappear but their atoms do not

          This line is here whether or not anyone is using it

          Irreducibility is a linear concept, contingent upon unknowability

          Read this backwards






          A tautology requires that A is never not A

          The dictionary definition for the word “the” itself contains the word “the”

          At some point, one learns one’s first convention

          This should not be threatening

          In a way, a photograph of this would be this

          It is once one is dissatisfied that one begins compiling one’s concessions






          Limits are not necessarily threatening

          A reflection is an idea

          Unread, this causes nothing

          Once you begin reading this, it is hard to know who is responsible for its usefulness

          Look in a mirror if one is nearby

          Nothing can be done to render this definitively useful

          In twenty years, if you are still alive, paste a recent photograph of yourself in the space below