Sous Rature


Urayoán Noel

try city®

1.born of alarm 2.Mister Misnomer's streetform 3.against what movement? 4.daylight again (carport?) 5.parkway searches (seizures?)'s teleprompter monologues crosstown bus hold on the edge 10.of things (here!) 11.curvature of city 12.(slit) slippage is 13.the variegated hums 14.of home and parties and mics and 17.(slumming slammers? di-versifiers? 18.assisting the assistant the assistant 20.of administrative assistants!) 21.the last dose 22.of the truth 23.of man (whole?) 24.the body erratic 25.retro salsa bands 26.(sounds no more tropical trombones?) 28.skyscrapers thru clouds 29.wasted boys and 30.wilted girls in 31.drunken lipo limousines 32.hoarse playa throats 33.these pancaked pierrots 34.those (faux?) wacky 35.(faux?) designer dances nausea stoplights 37.(Laforgue's Times Square? 38.hydrocephalic asparagus moon! 39.[adult?]videos of 40.downtowns on fire?) 41.spotlight uptown now 42.language poets already 43.spoken for in 44.drab position papers 45.on the fate 46.of the city 47.(the western Bronx hillier than...? 49.big bedroom's chilly 50.subway negligee's frilly 51.north of Harlem 52.means NoHarm dude!) 53.where others live 54.self in other 55.self as other 56.fate of man 57.feat of woman 58.performance of gender 59.hipsterpaper of record 60.classic soul collection 61.memories of infotainment acid-washed landscapes intramural cheer 64.oh democracy now your maker! 66.highbrow maracas play 67.anthems of privilege 68.lowbrow maracas just 69.keep the beat 70.middlebrow maracas move Canada, quick! 72.this city isn’t 73.‘happening’ just yet 74.just testing! texting! 75.diabetes supplies language 76.already spoken here 77.spoken for now 78.already a part 79.of (collapsing?) community 80.let's scorn utopia! 81.advertisement culture crashers 82.chorus of stillborn 83.performers self-help e-books 84.solitude of night 85.reclaim the city! 86.(from its executors?) 87.this reggaetón summer 88.winter of jackhammers 89.snapshot synapses: (vaya!) 90.make way for 91.garbage truck pick-up 92.up and down 93.this (virtual?) Broadway 94.where anaphorae pileup rat droppings corpse cut-ups price tags 98.malt liquor bottles 99.downed in mixed-crowd 100.mp3 park benches 101.telecommunication sector holdings 102.special-interest laugh tracks 103.(failed?) performance poems 104.(forced?) onto the then split 106.into tercets (cities?) 107.singing now signifying 108.nothing but flight 109.back to sleep these lit...anies 111.(sic) of streetlamps 112.Wednesday mid-week traffic 113.still backed up outlying areas 115.where the meaning 116.of “outlying” is 117.laid bare (splayed?) 118.who pays the 119.fare for crossing? 120.always here not 121.back in time the days 123.before the monuments' 124.debriefing by brackish 125.and/or waterboarding pigeons? 126.Humanoscope® sponsored by 127.Humania the first 128.and only drug 129.approved to treat 130.dissension in the 131.ranks of rancor 132.demographics roughly (guesstimate?) 133.14 to 99 134.give or take 135.a few stragglers 136.(a few low-liars? [sic]) 137.lower-dosage holograms 138.of lampoon proletariat 139.plantation service sector 140.neocolonial escapades performed route n+7 142.text exit past 143.the (private?) beach 144.with (plastic?) palms 145.almost always waiting be greased 147.sad tropics of 148.discourse at the 149.misanthropic disco the 150.tropes of discord 151.the traps of 152.discard of dis 153.this strep these 154.scarred armament drives 155.tú sabes, tipo 156.bola global (meaning?) 157.dead bouncer on 158.the steppes, uncarded the border 160.VIP room (where/wear?) 161.for years the 162.theorists prayed for 163.crash for failure use the 165.word “systemic” and 166. mean it, man 167.(in a pinch 168.any “emic” will [epid/pand/acad/pol/polys/tot] and 170.yet it's hard claim a 172.polis [herd? clan?] 173.that's not semic: 174.poetry's pull/duty/condition for 175.being written/spoken/staged/marketed and 176.horizon of meaning 177.its demeaning/diluting and 178.somehow it slithers 179.across the pages 180.and abandoned stages 181.poorly mic'd [texted/nexted]) 182.lang it sings 183.the meaning's screening 184.sing! sing! (I-lungs the scream 186.that is what 187.we are) fight/flight? 188.clubby beached wails! 189.lang sound (sondas?) the sand 191.the TV makeup of nation 193.the made-up makes 194.of maids/nannies commuting made-up suburbs 196.where school counselors meta-reality TV 198.on unmade beds 199.the litany is 200.always participatory because 201.when we become with the 203.tremors we start 204.moving in sync 205. with the masses/dem-asses/demáses 206.citizens that came 207.went and keep 208.returning day-to-day to 209.earn and burn bakeries shoe 211.stores banking centers 212.crammed into a 213.subway's silver sliver 214.(sin ver [so-wey!] 215.sin verso? [way!] 216.sin verse? [(ob)servers 217.(ob)versers]) here/hear the 218.litany is always 219.participatory because we're sync with 221.the mutable (phenomontage?) 222.flash by/fade the 223.technical school posters 224.with smiling youths 225.grabbing their backpacks well-lit hallways stave-off death 228.slowly (by degrees/digress) 229.“Uh, which wanderlust?” 230.asks Citizen Wonderslut the mirrors 232.(yawning...hungover...yadda...) 233.a fair question 234.for mute commuters 235.(muttering/huffing shoes untied 236.steady stride somehow 237.anachronistic already...ahora?) 238.superannuated nano onan rock steady 240.flow of passengers the plod 242.of legendary creatures 243.raised and reared faraway savannas 245.and slowly (slowly!) 246.remembering to speak 247.limewirerimjob poets post 248.listpoems in listservs 249.but I'm here an analyst 251.of assfaults (whose?) 252.crude e-satyr I it here 254.I take a 255.licking and keep 256.on ticking off 257.statistics (statist tics?) keep Europe 259.Kant's grounding sudoku 260.can't remember summer 261.museums' cupolas and 262.aqueducts both useless 263.(how then to 264.sitemize [sic][qué?] deduct one’s 266.take on downtowns?) 267.summer's faded undershirts 268. cutie being hit-on! 269.loveseat being sit-on! 270. oops! laughtrack's gone're drunk now 272.have been so 273.for some time 274.will continue to so entranced language that 277.can’t be overcome 278.the truth's you’ve 279.been around text-blocks 280.blocking out memories 281.of semesters spent 282.windowless qua cubicled 283.graying grabbing notepads 284.morning's glyph confounds at 3AM 286.when skin collides 287.with skin (scan-scion?) tire of 289.this nonsense of 290.detours through cities 291.answerless again (throat-clearing!) 292.(“um, clueless proposal: 293.let's conflate 'you' 294.and 'I' become 295.underpass to 'us') 296.a litany is 297.taking shape is 298.shaking tapeloop socialorder 299.out to go 300.blurry disarray of 301.uptown employees of 302.will-to-power-lunch (broker-than brokers!) 303.junior executives who nights (weekends?) search of 306.the lifestyle slogan 307.the lifestyle drug 308.the lifestyle lifestyle 309.spring night (hoodies?) 310.hideous hideouts (arrivants!) 311.sleep in fits 312.high (on doubt?) 313.sound (or not-at-all?) 313.locked glocal glocks 314.embraceth transient action! 315.(repeateth litany tomorrow) 316.voicedform: “a hidden’s never lit littoral as 319.skylines tend to 320.blend distend into 321.each others' shudder time to catch 323.this simple ring: 324.taste the tone! 325.stone the state! 326.state our truth: 327.we're factoid fictions 328.making meaning in 329.cities enclaves bodies 330.pawing at slacks 331.mechanically (our birthright? 332.flux) waiting for 333.another hard-won breath

not just any alb will do

(upstate, 2008)

Arbor Hill
don't harbor ill
you meet me at Lark…
de no...el...uh...?!
-no hablo albano yet
-no well...ya tú?

It was raining in the capital
who's reigning in the capital
everywhere they cap it all...
-headless? no, decapital!

-she necked a ti!
tri cities
on for sides
this one's on the banks of the Mohawk...
-a few banks
-fewer mohawks

and it's as warm today
as Xmas in Copenhagen
-minus the fear and trembling!

-go Danes!




[b a n / a l? / b u m!]


[m é n a g e / à? / t r o y!]





[w a r m / a n d? / s u n y!]



syncopated playing in the park ...down by the apartment with the drawn curtains... where immigrants are born and die ...solos in the twilight ether... sounds askew the neighbors downbeat the orle the garland ...synapse and starlight... the perfect score to the streetlit teleplay ...stowed in garbage trucks ...the all-nite donut countertop spot check... pass the mic and live thru the murder within ...sidewinding the bum note how's everything? no homeland ...never better why? reality check cashing only realty ...dead in the city they wouldn't have made it... families in freefall ...shy boys like tombstones... in fluorescent diner somersault I / quotidian We no.nation in pronomination ...assertoric flow / flaw... adult diapers on cable... he who has E.D. needs G.E.D. needs G's... is spotted trained to kill the impulse within... to overload the shopping cart flood the express line with price check items... voided coupons afternoon gives in to cruising eyes AAAA... “Love to Love You Baby” while you wait to decompose daily on premises ...the face in the mirror... stage dive creosote babies ...bound by the variable rate of deception ...I speak of the self and its limits... its mullet phase ...its postindustrial complex... unserviceable sector invisibility TV now comes with wireless... with no comes a where to multidimensional... mass movement unmapped ...could never be captured in tekne the hackneyed delivery the wack flow still blows away the week-kneed audience... incipience of / and / as community ...the only kind the rest is special interest focus group granola... subprime midnite madness at the drive-in pixelation fest... nomad daemons emailaise whatever its foibles I tell you the city still swings / seems / fumes... the highrise imposes the diner odorizes diasporan flaneurs the 80s freestyle still oozes from overlit clothing stores... “Forget Me Nots” still plays at least four times per day on the dance station does “Le Freak” .AAAA communities of saturation ...iteration stops not later on Saturday... the storebought beauty of want and dream... and busted hustle and bus stop breakups ...angry-assed repentant or simply pent... and who killed the republic? say the bells whose public? ...sad futuric bells fidget with the grim / the grime / the word whose sad chapel? tolls for us its cavernous enormity... enough of intimacy... i'm into my city shared pensive expansive ...we're still here ...all of us citizens of din ...denizens of now many-festooned ...destiny in songs ...always about to forgo


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