Sous Rature




Essence of 2 (Mispelled) Masterpieces
by Riccardo Boglione

# 1 . The Exhilarate Leisure (The Divine Comedy)

A noticeable medieval neighbor
and a committed principal
supersede a threshold
in changeable weather. They
harass a miniature cemetery
to exceed atheist tyranny
and ignorance, with definite
perseverance. Their maneuver
inoculates humorous intelligence,
as they recommend
in rhyme the liasion to
indispensable arguments.


# 2. The Weird Pastime of Dr. Conscience and Mr. Vacuum
(The strange case of Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde)       

An amateur Seargent accidentally
experiences a foreign kernel
and acquires a height of a memento!
His conscientious discipline
separates, and his drunkenness
receives the lightning rhythm
of mischievous, fiery occurrences.


- All the words employed (except for prepositions, pronoms, and conjugations)
are taken from the 100 MOST OFTEN MISSPELLED WORDS IN ENGLISH list,
compiled by (